Saturday, 16 September 2017

I've recently been letting my creative side flow by experimenting with photography, Again. The first post I made about this (Experimenting with Photography) was a trial period where i took a fantastic photo of Lucy Liu to work with. This time around I've been using Stock Images to experiment (Using Stock Images for Your Work) further by incorporating drawing over the images as well as doing collage with them. The goal remains the same, I like to do this to both bring my characters into reality a bit more and show that everyone has/can have this dark side. Another is to get more illustrative ideas out of the process - I encourage any artist struggling with Ideas to give experimenting with something different a go and you might be surprised with what you create; As well as  the new work ideas that flow in afterwards.



Saturday, 9 September 2017

It's Been Three weeks since Reading Festival and I'm starting to get some Festival blues.

Saturday - This was the day that had the most musicians and bands we wanted to see, along with Johnathan Pie and Tape face in the comedy tent. We were lucky enough to see everyone we wanted thanks to my boyfriend's great scheduling and planning. Among everyone we saw, my Favorites from that day were: Everything Everything, Marmozets and of course, Eminem. Where do I start with Eminem, I've loved his music for a very long time and seeing him live was an absolute dream come true for me. Both Eminem's and his hypeman's performance were incredible. He preformed a mixture of classics and the hits; by the end of it, My voice was gone.

The Sunday - This was a more chilled out day for us and we mainly came just for Muse, but there were a few bands my boyfriend and I wanted to check out. We didn't arrive until late afternoon so the first act we saw was Wiley, after him, we caught a glimpse of Giggs who had the most bad-ass ending line "I love you, But I'm out". We saw Blossoms afterwards who were pretty great. We also checked out Breaking Benjamin and Charli XCX. Afterwards, we caught a glimpse of Liam Gallagher preforming 'Wonderwall'. After this, we killed some time before Muse arrived.

Muse's performance turned out to be the best live performance I've ever seen. Everything was incredible from the choice of songs to the video editing visuals and light show. (Also a worthy mention of the many guitars thrown by Matt Bellamy during the whole performance.) If the show couldn't get any better - It did, with the arrival of Brian Johnson from AC/DC preforming 'Back in Black' with Muse which was absolutely incredible to witness.

Thanks, Reading Festival for a great festival experience overall.