Thursday, 8 June 2017

I absolutely love literature in all its forms. Today is the beginning of my literature segment which I’m kicking off with three creative reads I love right now.

Photo Via Frankie Magazine

Spaces is a zine created by Frankie Magazine. Spaces delves into the studios, homes and other creative spaces artists live, work and play. This zine is a must read for artists and art fans alike with a passion for interior design and home comforts.  

Photo Via Phaidon
'Art is the highest form of hope & other quotes by artists'  Published by Phaidon is one of those rare finds I stumbled upon when browsing Waterstones and I knew I had to purchase it immediately. This book is filled with inspirational quotes by artists such as Picasso, Yoko Ono, Ai Weiwei, Tracey Emin and many more. The quotes are split into many different categories. Some of these categories being Advice, Art School, Failure, Money, Sex, Studio, Day Jobs and more. This book is incredibly useful for those days when you're feeling quite low about your creative endeavors and you need a reminder that all artists started from the bottom and worked their way up. 

You can Purchase 'Art is the highest form of hope & Other quotes by Artists' HERE or HERE.

Photo Via Hoxton Mini Press
 Makers of East London is by Katie Treggiden and Published by Hoxton Mini Press. Katie Shares what it takes to be a craftsman in East London where there is increasing mass production. This book offers over 300 pages full of Photographs and Interviews from all the craft makers including furniture designers, spoon carvers, ceramicists, painters and more.

 You can purchase 'Makers of East London' HERE or HERE.


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