Thursday, 1 June 2017

Recently I've been thinking a lot about interviews and features I've done and how they may have helped my work along the way - Especially early on when I was first starting out and the idea was quite daunting. So far, I've managed to get a good few including Dazed Digital, Ignant and publishers from other countries including South America and Asia who have also published pieces about my work, which is extremely flattering. 

From very early on I knew I should say 'Yes' to any interview that presented itself to me. This helped me to be more confident in my work as many interviewers gave me the opportunity to explain my work and I could truly talk about something I’m very passionate about. I also was able to connect with other creative individuals and creative companies I otherwise wouldn't have. Saying 'Yes' when it comes to any opportunity can be very important for your growth as a person and for your career. You can unlock doors you otherwise wouldn't have been able to and make connections along the way.

More recently I was contacted by a young lady wanting to ask a few questions for a university project. The questions she came back with were incredible. They were very detailed and she wrote as if she were a true fan of my work, which isn't something I've experienced (so far) when speaking to big art publishers. 

Below are a small selection of some various interviews and features I've had the pleasure to do.

(Dazed and Confused) Dazed Digital - A well-known fashion, art and culture magazine known as Dazed and Confused has a very popular presence online with over 1 million followers. They're online website known as Dazed Digital did a feature about me based off some questions they sent my way. Read full interview here. 

Ignant - This was one of the first interviews I ever did. Ignant is an award-winning online magazine based in Berlin featuring the best in art, design, photography and architecture. They contacted me with a neat idea to do an illustrated interview, where I answered there questions with drawings. Read Full interview here.

Contact With Industry - This is a small project I took part in where the young lady from university was asking very well written and detailed questions. Read the full interview here.

Elm Experience - Elm Experience is a website dedicated to all things culture. They were kind enough to do a small feature on my work. Read here.

Huffington Post UK - An article I wrote about myself and my artwork for the campaign #YoungMindsMatter being led by Kate Middleton. Read Here.

 For more you can check out my Exhibition and Press page. If you'd like to get in contact regarding an interview or feature you can contact me via email at


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