Friday, 12 May 2017

Stock images are copyright free images available to use for anything - They can come in handy in the creative field for inspiration and work. Many stock image websites allow you to download images for free. Others can ask for a monthly fee, in return of allowing you to download as many images as you want in high resolution. Others will make you pay a small fee for each image. This is because stock images break down into two main types - Royalty free and rights managed.

Royalty free images you can use for anything, as much as you'd like. (As long as you comply with the terms of use in the licence agreement) with rights managed images, your right to use the images how you'd like is usually restricted. These come with limitations placed upon them for things such as: Duration of use, Industry, ect: Stock images are especially great for artists who need model photographs for a project but can't afford to hire a model or can't shoot the photography. These images are great to be able to mess around with, in your own creative style.


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