Tuesday, 9 May 2017


Today I’m going to tell you why being self taught is a good thing. It’s been over 2 years since I made the decision to drop out of art school and kick start my own art career by myself. The reason I decided this is because I personally wasn’t gaining anything from the art school experience. I found that we were encouraged to do more traditional art rather than thinking for ourselves and expressing ourselves in an art form we liked. In the end, your personal style is changed to fit the professor’s taste and style. Your creative freedom is taken away.

These days it’s become much easier to skip the traditional college and university route and start up your own business, as long as you are good in your chosen creative field. Don’t get me wrong, there are many great people out there who took the traditional college route and then started working in their creative industry. But there are also many other creative individuals who figured it out all by themselves and these are the ones who I find inspiring the most.


There are many benefits to being self taught. The most important, (as stated above) you aren’t going to be shaped by an educational institute. No more research, group projects or group critiques. You’ll have your own creative freedom to develop a personal style and your work won’t be frowned upon by anyone.  Another is you’ll be working for yourself, being your own boss means you’ll make all the rules – you can make every decision from how much you charge for a piece of work to what work you’d like to except. (Another plus side is you won’t be in debt, unlike those university folks.)


There are many great self taught creatives out there who didn’t follow the educational system but still succeeded. I find these people very inspiring because they're the living proof that you can take a different route to everyone else and still succeed as long as you are committed and work hard. They are a great example that you can still be an artist and take the self-employed route without having a university degree. You still have all the opportunities everyone else does.

This concludes today's Business Edition. Let me know your thoughts on being self-taught below in the comment section. 


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