Wednesday, 24 May 2017

I recently took a four-day break away to Scotland with Jack. We stayed in the city of Glasgow but also took a trip to Edinburgh and other various surroundings. Today I'd like to share with you 'House for an Art Lover' a Manor-esque building situated in a country park.

Upon arriving at House for an Art Lover you have a variety of activities to enjoy. You can take an audio guided tour of the inside of the house, stroll around the open gardens, visit the art park, café and gallery/exhibition space. In your spare time, you could take an art class.

 'House for an Art Lover combines art gallery and exhibition space, events venue, café, 
artists' studios and a wonderful visitor attraction into one unique venue. Originally designed by Mackintosh as an elegant country retreat for a person of taste and culture, today, more than 110 years later, House for an Art Lover exists to stimulate public interest in art, design, and architecture.'


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