Thursday, 29 December 2016

Recently, The Future Perfect debuted Fragments, a new creative collaboration between Calico Wallpaper and Lex Pott. Fragments are beautiful, minimal commissioned stone work pieces and shall be showcased at The Perfect Future Showroom in New York this January along with other pieces by Lex Pott.

Pott's Inspiration for the Fragment's collection came from the way rocks at a quarry fracture and break. By preserving the rough rocks in their brutal raw form, and then fusing them with the complete opposite, highly polished glass surfaces, the finished pieces are left in between design and art.  

Ft. Lex PottThe Future Perfect And Calico Wallpaper



Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Today i'd like to share with you a newly discovered designer and my personal favorite piece he recently debuted - French designer Mathieu Lehanneur whom debuted his individual exhibition titled 'Spring' at Carpenters workshop gallery during the London design festival. In his new exhibition Lehanneur takes the idea of visually erasing the line between solid, liquid and gases. He took these ideas and applied them to furniture, creating some stunning minimalistc tables.

His work is created by using 3D special effects software created for the film industry. Each piece is made using marble and aluminium, that produces a wave/ripple effect appearing as if it has frozen in time. 

‘a piece becomes beautiful when we do not need to question the innovation. I also like to say that they are the works of their time and that they could not have been created before today, due to the technologies or of the available processes.’ - Mathieu Lehanneur

Ft. Mathieu LehanneurLondon Design Festival & Carpenters Workshop Gallery