Tuesday, 16 August 2016

/ The Space - Timing 
Make sure you turn up early to the exhibition space/gallery beforehand - It's important to check out the space you'll be exhibiting in; This way you can get a real feel for the gallery and choose a good hanging space for your work. Walk around the gallery and try to imagine where certain pieces should hang and afterwards, take a step back to ensure all your pieces are straight and  in line.

/ Photograph Your Works

Photograph your work once it's hung up - These photographs will be great for sharing on social media and adding to your portfolio. (Also remember once it's sold, you'll never get a chance to see it again.) 

 / Frame Work

Most places require framed art to already be wired at the back. It's important that this is done before the show. Before this however, get good frames for your work - (Stay away from cheap frames.) 

/Packaging The Works

When shipping or taking your artwork to the show, it's crucial you package your work well. I like to use lots of bubble wrap when transporting my works from place to place. If you're shipping your work, it make be wise to place your work in a wooden crate along with bubble wrap to ensure nothing breaks. 

/ Labeling

Create labels to go alongside the works. Include - Title, Size, Medium, Price, and Your name.

/ Business Cards

Business cards are always handy to have when taking part in an exhibition - Leave them out by your artwork and/or leave some at the gallery for visitors to take home to ensure your details are remembered. 

/ About The Artist

If you're a smaller artist you may want to create a label with a small artist statement to place next to your work so visitors get an idea of who you are as an artist and what you work is about.

/ Zoe-Emma