Saturday, 11 June 2016

Ft. The Art Tag 

No.1 /  What does being creative mean to you?

Being creative to me, means being able to fully express yourself in any form.

No.2 / Can you Describe when you first realize that Art is something you had and/or love to do?

I've always loved being creative; I had an immediate love for drawing and painting as a child. I've known since then i belonged in the creative industry as an artist.

No.3 /  What Kind of patterns, routines or rituals you do before or during when you are creating a Artwork?

Good question; The only thing that comes to mind is listening to soothing music to keep me focused.

No.4 / Whats your Favorite Artwork you drew or painted?

'We are One' Comes to mind immediately, I loved this pieces because it sums up myself and Mental Health as whole in a single glance; This is also the case with 'Hidden Within'.
I put meaning behind every work, But these piece in particular i adored from the moment i drew them. 

A more recent peice I also love is 'Like A Movie'. Like all my artwork it's very minimal, but i find this piece the most visually beautiful. 

No.5 / What do you try to communicate with your Art?

My Current Series that I've been working on for over a year since i started becoming an illustrator, is inspired by Mental Health ( Day-to-Day life & Thoughts and Feelings) to show the effects mental health can have on a person, and how it can feel and effect the sufferer. 

I'm very passionate about using my illustrations to communicate issues that i care about; That's what you'll see from me with this current project and future ones.

No.6 / What other creative Art media would you love to do but haven't?

Projection art and Installation. I adore them both and have ideas for both of these art media types; One day i hope i have the opportunity to be able to work with them.

No.7 / Who's your Favorite Artist?

Hands down, Van Gogh. I adore his work and him as a person. Van Goghs 'Sunflowers' means an awful lot to me.

No.8 / What's your Favorite Art piece/ artwork?

Following on from the previous question; Van Gogh's Sunflowers. I adore this painting, there's so much emotion and meaning in all his works, but this piece in particular i find beautifully bittersweet.

No.9 / Oil or Acrylic?

100% Acrylic.

No.10 / What advice can you give to new artists or people who want to become artists?

If you're trying to be the next __________, Then you've already failed. 



Saturday, 4 June 2016

I've loved gazing at buildings for as long as i can remember. Maybe it's the creative side of myself that adores how buildings can be constructed from nothing; Made into unique styles from the outside, in. Architecture has meaning with each tower constructed comes intricate designs and history. I can't help but gaze out the window as buildings roll by when travelling or staring up at skyscrapers in towering city's.