Saturday, 16 September 2017

I've recently been letting my creative side flow by experimenting with photography, Again. The first post I made about this (Experimenting with Photography) was a trial period where i took a fantastic photo of Lucy Liu to work with. This time around I've been using Stock Images to experiment (Using Stock Images for Your Work) further by incorporating drawing over the images as well as doing collage with them. The goal remains the same, I like to do this to both bring my characters into reality a bit more and show that everyone has/can have this dark side. Another is to get more illustrative ideas out of the process - I encourage any artist struggling with Ideas to give experimenting with something different a go and you might be surprised with what you create; As well as  the new work ideas that flow in afterwards.



Saturday, 9 September 2017

It's Been Three weeks since Reading Festival and I'm starting to get some Festival blues.

Saturday - This was the day that had the most musicians and bands we wanted to see, along with Johnathan Pie and Tape face in the comedy tent. We were lucky enough to see everyone we wanted thanks to my boyfriend's great scheduling and planning. Among everyone we saw, my Favorites from that day were: Everything Everything, Marmozets and of course, Eminem. Where do I start with Eminem, I've loved his music for a very long time and seeing him live was an absolute dream come true for me. Both Eminem's and his hypeman's performance were incredible. He preformed a mixture of classics and the hits; by the end of it, My voice was gone.

The Sunday - This was a more chilled out day for us and we mainly came just for Muse, but there were a few bands my boyfriend and I wanted to check out. We didn't arrive until late afternoon so the first act we saw was Wiley, after him, we caught a glimpse of Giggs who had the most bad-ass ending line "I love you, But I'm out". We saw Blossoms afterwards who were pretty great. We also checked out Breaking Benjamin and Charli XCX. Afterwards, we caught a glimpse of Liam Gallagher preforming 'Wonderwall'. After this, we killed some time before Muse arrived.

Muse's performance turned out to be the best live performance I've ever seen. Everything was incredible from the choice of songs to the video editing visuals and light show. (Also a worthy mention of the many guitars thrown by Matt Bellamy during the whole performance.) If the show couldn't get any better - It did, with the arrival of Brian Johnson from AC/DC preforming 'Back in Black' with Muse which was absolutely incredible to witness.

Thanks, Reading Festival for a great festival experience overall.



Monday, 7 August 2017

I've recently returned back from my family vacation in the North East Coast. We Stayed for a week in a luxury sea view penthouse and explored the area, as well as taking road trips to villages and towns near by. Today I'd like to share a few of my favorite snaps.


Sunday, 9 July 2017

I find that it helps to Re-Create your previous work again. If you did it once, you can do it again, right? Re-Creating old work can help stimulate your imagination again and you may think of new ideas in the processes. 

If re-creating your own work isn't something you'd be into; then try re-creating a work of an artist you admire. Re-create it in your own style or take on a challenge and try re-creating it in their style. *Remember this work is for your eyes only. Posting it as your own work is plagiarism. 

Participating in a drawing challenge such as the '7 Day Boost Creativity Challange' Or 'The Sketchbook Project'. These can help you become custom to creating something every day and intern boosts your creativity. When you get into a routine of creating daily, this can trigger ideas for new artworks. 

I find it extremely helpful to relocate myself out of my workspace and either into another room or outside - Often a change of scenery is all you need.

Stepping out for a stroll really helps the mind. When you take a little walk around this releases endorphin, dopamine, and serotonin. These chemicals located in the brain create a much more 'happier' feeling. This can help you stimulate more ideas whilst you walk and overall you'll be a lot happier and motivated when you return! I couldn't recommend this enough. 

If you're getting too stressed out over not being able to create, I suggest you relax by surrounding yourself with all the things you love and people you care about. Sometimes you need a few days off to clear your mind and become de-stressed. 

Remind yourself of all the things you've managed to achieve so far. It's easy to get stuck in a loop of only noticing the negatives and you'll need to break that habit as soon as possible. Reminding yourself you've been successful and will continue to be is a great way to celebrate your current and past achievements. Focus on your past and future successes.   



Tuesday, 27 June 2017

When you first start becoming freelance, sometimes it's hard to think of yourself as a business. To survive as a creative professional you must accept you are offering services for pay and therefore you are a business. Today on The Business Edition, I’m going to give you a small guide on how to manage your creative business. 

Most importantly you can't undercut yourself. Many creative professionals feel talking about the subject of money can be quite uncomfortable. You need to think to yourself 'How much are my services worth?' Making sure you price your work at a competitive and reasonable rate. And before you think about working for free, you should read my previous post, 'Should I work for Free?' (Hint: Never). When pricing your work you should take into account cost of materials, cost of labour, overhead costs and desired profit to equal a fair final sale price.

Create your payment plan tailored to you and stick with it. There are many questions to ask yourself when creating your own payment plan. You also need to know if you're going to safeguard your business or not.

- Require 20-50% Deposit 
- Only start working when the deposit has been made
- Give a specific payment deadline in clear terms
- Charge interest on late payments

Once you've found yourself a client, sending them an invoice is an easy, time saving way to communicate with you client how much they owe you. This allows you and your client to be completely organised when it comes to the payment.

- Your Company Name and Contact Information 
- Client Contact Information 
- List of Services you provided
- Amount due - Subtotal, Tax, Total
- Payment Terms
- A 'Thank You'
- Your Logo 



Monday, 5 June 2017

When it comes to Instagram there are several stages you have to go through before reaching an established stage. Today I’m going to share a little guide I've put together on how you can grow your business and reach the established stage as a creative. 

If you're in this stage right now, you've either recently signed up to Instagram or your small audience is mostly made up of people you're also connected to offline. I'd recommend following fellow creatives you love and engage with them by commenting and liking their stuff. You can also search relevant hashtags to see what other creatives like yourself are doing at the moment. This way you can slowly become apart of your chosen creative community. 

If you already have a larger following on another social media website, you can share your Instagram content on the other social media site to ensure those followers can find you on Instagram and give you a follow.

Many websites and online portfolio websites supply linking, which allows you to directly link your Instagram page to your social media and portfolio. This is a great way for people to find your Instagram directly from you. If someone stumbles upon your portfolio and likes your work, they are more likely to want to connect with you on other various social media to see more of your work. 

This is a good stage where you hopefully have developed your own aesthetic. If not, it's time to start. Every time you post something on Instagram your following should recognize it's you almost immediately. Luckily, as a creative you should already have something that identity’s you straight away. Most of all, you need to know which content works well for you and your audience. 

So far, you've secured a decent following and have a good aesthetic set up, so what's next? Look into various publications who publish Instagram articles featuring creative Instagrammers. Pitch your account to them, and look into what hashtags they are using as some publications source images they share, you can apply these hashtags to your own posts.

Once you've reached the 5K mark, you've managed to connect and retain your current audience, However there is still room for growth. The explore tab on Instagram is now where you want your content to be. The explore tab shows various content to the user that is relevant to them. This is a great way to show people content they otherwise might not have seen which allows you to find a new audience to view your work. To land yourself the explore tab you need to know what your audience is engaging with the most. The work itself should so all the talking, continue to create great content.

Congratulations, you've managed to reach the five digit threshold. With this you can start to tag brands you feature and talk about. This way you can get them to recognize you and your following. This is a great way to work with various brands you love to earn some cash and may even obtain a prolonged job with them. When you truly love a brand, it's very easy to talk about them.

You can also start to work on getting verified. The little blue tick next to your name is usually out of reach for most Instagram users. Just like Twitter (who also offers the famous blue tick) have a strict rule when it comes to handing out the badge. This rule is that they only verify accounts representing well known figures and brands that are likely to fall victim to impersonation. If you're lucky enough to fall into the million+ followers club, you're more likely to have a good reason for the tick; however unlike twitter and Facebook, there is not application process. So if you land the blue tick, Congrats!

And that's all folks. Good luck with your Instagram journey.
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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Recently I've been thinking a lot about interviews and features I've done and how they may have helped my work along the way - Especially early on when I was first starting out and the idea was quite daunting. So far, I've managed to get a good few including Dazed Digital, Ignant and publishers from other countries including South America and Asia who have also published pieces about my work, which is extremely flattering. 

From very early on I knew I should say 'Yes' to any interview that presented itself to me. This helped me to be more confident in my work as many interviewers gave me the opportunity to explain my work and I could truly talk about something I’m very passionate about. I also was able to connect with other creative individuals and creative companies I otherwise wouldn't have. Saying 'Yes' when it comes to any opportunity can be very important for your growth as a person and for your career. You can unlock doors you otherwise wouldn't have been able to and make connections along the way.

More recently I was contacted by a young lady wanting to ask a few questions for a university project. The questions she came back with were incredible. They were very detailed and she wrote as if she were a true fan of my work, which isn't something I've experienced (so far) when speaking to big art publishers. 

Below are a small selection of some various interviews and features I've had the pleasure to do.

(Dazed and Confused) Dazed Digital - A well-known fashion, art and culture magazine known as Dazed and Confused has a very popular presence online with over 1 million followers. They're online website known as Dazed Digital did a feature about me based off some questions they sent my way. Read full interview here. 

Ignant - This was one of the first interviews I ever did. Ignant is an award-winning online magazine based in Berlin featuring the best in art, design, photography and architecture. They contacted me with a neat idea to do an illustrated interview, where I answered there questions with drawings. Read Full interview here.

Contact With Industry - This is a small project I took part in where the young lady from university was asking very well written and detailed questions. Read the full interview here.

Elm Experience - Elm Experience is a website dedicated to all things culture. They were kind enough to do a small feature on my work. Read here.

Huffington Post UK - An article I wrote about myself and my artwork for the campaign #YoungMindsMatter being led by Kate Middleton. Read Here.

 For more you can check out my Exhibition and Press page. If you'd like to get in contact regarding an interview or feature you can contact me via email at Info@zoeemma.co